About Mind of the Spirit


The concepts I want to look at are foundational, not in the sense that they are simplistic or elementary but they are essential to the strength of any believer.  I hope that whether you are not yet a follower of Jesus Christ, a new believer or a long time disciple, you will be enlightened and encouraged by the ideas expressed here. My desire is that we may all grow in our knowledge and relationship with God.

We know that the Holy Spirit is the one who inspires the words written in the Bible and we will ask Him for his ability to understand the intended meaning and underlying truth contained in them. I hope you will pray for everyone to understand these concepts as God intended. Real understanding can only come through a growing relationship with our Creator.

I hope you will join us in the days ahead. We look forward to much spiritual growth and encouragement. Your comments are desired and necessary to the fullest experience possible for all of us. The comments published will be filtered and moderated to maintain a safe and positive environment for every one.

I want to keep each installment short in words but long in impact so that less time is spent reading but hopefully, much time meditating on the content.  I look forward to meeting with you in the weeks ahead so I hope you will use the follow feature or check back periodically.

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